How to rent a bike:
The minimum age for hiring a bike is 18 years, under which the presence of an adult will be necessary to assume all responsibilities and to sign the responsibility form.
To rent a bike it is necessary to show a valid document (passport or identity card).
To rent our road bikes, top quality trekking bikes, carbon mountain bikes, electric assist bikes, speed bikes and tandems customers are required to provide BIKE RENT 5 TERRE with credit card details, for precautionary use only, and to authorise BIKE RENT 5 TERRE to charge on the above credit card all eventual costs in case of damages, loss or theft of the bike(s) or the hired equipment according to wholesale price and comprehen-sive of labour. The credit card used for this purpose cannot be of a prepaid type.
To rent our "basic" alloy models, we do not require credit card details.

Return of the bike:
The return of the bike and the hired equipment will have to take place within the establi-shed time.The extension of the hiring period will be possible only with the approval of BIKE RENT 5 TERRE staff. The client will have to get in touch with BIKE RENT 5 TERRE to determine a new delivery time; delays and extension will be liable to surcharge.
The over night fee will be applied when the return of the bike is missed and is kept "over night" and returned the day after within 10.00, the cost of the fee is €3 or €5, depending on the model of the rental bike.
Rental time explanation: One Day Time: whenever from 10:00 to 19.00.
- If you return the bike before the established rental period is over, the cost of the rental will not be lowered.

- The photos of our rental bikes displayed on our website are only indicative and the bike you will re-ceive effectively will be equivalent or superior to the model in the picture.
The hiring of a bike involves the user to assume full responsibility of things, persons and the bike itself with its equipment.
- Upon renting the bike, it is required to sign a Responsibility Form, providing telephone number and email address.
Each hired bike includes an Abus “Varedo” U-lock with which it will be possible to secure the frame and the back wheel to a fastened structure. The user will have to use the U-lock every time the bike is left unattended, even for a brief stop.
- If, after the demonstration of the staff, the use of the lock and/or other equipment is not clear, the customer is responsible to ask the correct way of using it.
The client will have to pay repair and substitution costs in case of damage, loss or theft of the bike and/or the hired equipment according to wholesale price:
- For basic trekking bikes and alloy speed bikes and alloy mountain bikes the amounts vary from 500 to 700 euros, lock and other equipment excluded. Customer can ask the ‘substitution cost’ of the bike upon signing the rental form.
- For road bikes, high quality trekking bikes, carbon mountain bike, electric assist bikes and speed bikes the amounts vary from 900 to 3000 euros, lock and other equipment ex-cluded. Customer can ask the substitution cost of the bike upon signing the rental form.

Reservations and payments:
- Reservation for rental bikes is not mandatory. However,we can only guarantee the avai-lability of a bike, when it is reserved up front. Reservations can be made by filling in our online reservation form, through a tour opera-tor or travel agency or directly in our shop.
The reservation is considered to be complete upon payment of a 50% deposit, which must be made while reserving the bike.
The deposit can be paid by credit card, Pay Pal account, bank transfer or in cash at the shop.

Cancellation Policies:
If you must cancel your reservation, your cancellation fee will be determined according to the policy outlined below. Exceptions to our cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, not even in case of terrorism, civil un-rest or personal emergencies.
Days Prior to Rental Start Charges 8 + days 15 euros administration fee, per booking 0 - 7 days 50%