The Magra River originates from Mount Burgundian, on the border between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, and after a short path flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea after getting into Liguria. During its journey he receives the waters of numerous rivers, among which the most important is the river Vara. Despite the short course, the Val di Magra offers very different scenarios with each other, from the mountains close to the source, the wide valley of its middle and lower reaches, the largest estuary at the mouth.
Historically the Val di Magra is identified with the Lunigiana. The long-standing issues on the current borders of Lunigiana have created a lot of confusion about. Until the early twentieth century, important scholars like Ubaldo Formentini, Carlo Caselli and Pietro Giuliani identified the Lunigiana well beyond the basin of Magra. The questionable subsequent administrative divisions have not yet deleted common traditions and customs, identifiable throughout the valley. Although in Liguria, the municipalities of the lower Val di Magra are considered an integral part of the Lunigiana. the ancient Roman colony of Luni, which gives it its name, is located near the sea in the town of Ortonovo. The valley of a hundred castles, villages perched on the hills of ancient churches and unwinds according to a single thread that brings it up to Ameglia from Pontremoli, following the route of the Via Francigena and its variants, despite the irruption of different gentlemen by the Malaspina, Fieschi, the Republic of Genoa, the Medici.
The tender cultural and natural high and middle Lunigiana, the lower Val di Magra, or low Lunigiana, offers the same way tourist attractions are first choice and the charm of the Ligurian Riviera beaches like Punta Corvo, Fiumaretta and Marinella di Sarzana.


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– You can book online or at the meeting point in via Biaggini Venere Azzurra area in Lerici SP.
– The tour takes place in all weather conditions, except intense rain.
– Children from 12 till 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
– Children under 12 years are not admitted.

The Tour departs every day from 9.00 to 19.30. You will be picked up at the Meeting Point in via Biaggini Venere Azzurra area in Lerici SP


The tour is 1/2 day or 1 day.

Minimum participants: 2/8 Adults (notice that children under 12 are not admitted). The difficulty of this tour is simple and within reach.

Special prices per group on request are on the INFO page.

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